Basic Training

No matter their age all pets deserve to have good manners.

Basic Manners Training for Wendell, NC Area Dog

The Basic Manners course accepts dogs of any age, breed, or temperament.

Meet your trainer, Ryan Nickason.








Basic Manners Training

Whether you are getting your first dog, have a restless young pup at home, or need help reinforcing your dog’s basic obedience- this course is for you and your pet.

This six-week course covers basic commands such as sit, down, wait, settle, come, leave it, and place. You will also learn how to politely greet others and their dogs while creating a positive relationship with you and your pup.

Utilizing proper leadership skills, taught by our in-house trainer, participants will learn how to better communicate with their dogs. Creating a healthy and happier relationship for you and your dog.



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