Give Your Cat Liquid Medications

How to Give Your Cat Liquid Medications at Home

Administering liquid medication to a cat involves several steps:

Prepare the medication: Shake the bottle well to ensure the medication is properly mixed. Draw up the correct dosage into the medicine dropper or oral syringe provided by your vet.

Secure your cat: Wrap your cat in a towel, leaving its head exposed. This can help restrain your cat and protect you from scratches.

Open your cat’s mouth: Gently press on the sides of your cat’s mouth, this should prompt them to open. Be careful not to force the mouth open too wide.

Administer the medication: Insert the dropper or syringe into the side of your cat’s mouth, between the cheek and the molars. Slowly squeeze the dropper or push the syringe plunger to dispense the medication.

Allow time to swallow: Close your cat’s mouth gently and hold it closed while you stroke their throat lightly to encourage swallowing.

Reward your cat: After administering the medication, give your cat a treat or some affection to make the experience more positive. This can help make future medication administration easier.

Always follow your vet’s instructions when giving your cat medication, and consult with them if you’re having difficulties or if your cat is showing signs of distress.

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